CIT training on MS Excel called useful for even advanced users

Patricia Theyerl, the campuswide technical training specialist for CIT, is promoting instruction in “MS Excel: Advanced Formatting Techniques (for Intermediate and Advanced Excel Users.”  Even an advanced Excel user occasionally has trouble manipulating the data within their spreadsheets, she says. (Examples? retaining leading zeros, parsing data in cells, combining data from multiple cells, drawing attention to and finding data without constant sorting of the data.) Theyrl has an upcoming workshop with hands-on opportunity to learn and practice the following skills:

—     Applying Conditional Formatting

—     Applying Fraction and Scientific Formatting

—     Applying Special Number Formats

—     Creating Custom Number Formats

—     Wrapping Text and Shrinking Text to Fit within Cells

—     Using Text Functions: Upper, Lower, Proper, Substitute, Right, Left, Mid, and Trim

—     Filtering a Worksheet Using a Custom AutoFilter

—     Filtering and Sorting Data Using Conditional Formatting or Cell Attributes

—     Importing TXT and CSV files correctly (in order to retain leading zeros).

Dates and registration for one of these upcoming workshops are found at CIT Or, contact Patricia Theyerl at with any questions.

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