Photos: GPS poster session and year-end celebration

On Friday, May 4, the 2017-2018 Gateways to Phoenix Success (GPS) cohort of faculty and peer mentors and first-year students joined with members of the campus community to celebrate participants’ successes throughout the year. The GPS program seeks to support students in their transition during their first year at the university as they adapt to new academic and social environments and begin to explore the opportunities the university holds for them.

The closing celebration provided an opportunity for students to reflect on their first-year experience. The centerpiece of the event was a poster presentation, during which students across ten sections showcased their spring service projects. These projects exhibited participants’ commitment to bettering their campus and wider Green Bay communities as they became stakeholders in both. Projects supported area nonprofits and public schools and sought to raise awareness about a variety of issues about GPS students were passionate about. Their work signaled the progression of a cohort from which the university’s student leaders of tomorrow will surely be drawn.

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GPS Poster Session 2018

– Photos by Amanda Jo Danihel, Marketing and University Communications

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