UW-Green Bay to host the WSMA State Solo and Ensemble & Jazz Ensemble Festivals

This week you will notice the annual “migration of the pianos”, as these noble instruments sweep majestically through our hallways on their way to their traditional performance grounds. UW-Green Bay is hosting the WSMA Jazz Ensemble State Festival on Friday, May 5, and the Solo Ensemble State Festival on Saturday, May 6. There are approximately 2,500 area high school and middle school students who will be accompanied by Band and Choir Directors, teachers, parents, and families.

These are always two of the busiest days on campus of the entire year! The Music program happily invites all UW-Green Bay departments, student orgs, and programs to help set up displays, video screens, and information tables to attract these talented students to UW-Green Bay. This event is an excellent opportunity to showcase our campus as well as recruit from all areas of the university!

For more information, contact Paulina Chavira at chavirap@uwgb.edu.

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