Annual Academic Excellence Symposium is Wednesday, April 10

UW-Green Bay students will put their outstanding scholarly and creative work on display for the campus community and general public on Wednesday April 10, at the University’s 12th annual Academic Excellence Symposium. Plan to attend. Sixty-four of our students will exhibit 48 projects including five vocal performances at the symposium, which runs from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the Phoenix Room of the University Union. It’s a powerful demonstration of 360° of Learning, in action. We’ll have more details on presenters and projects in a coming issue.

Meanwhile, wish these star students well at the Capitol
Emily Anne Vogels, Zhuxin Fang, Holly James, Maichee Vang, Robyn Nielson, Daniel Mueller. They’re all headed to Madison on April 17, having been selected to represent UW-Green Bay at the 10th annual Posters in the Rotunda undergraduate research showcase. We’ll have more on their posters and projects in an upcoming issue.

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