4,000 visitors here the first of May, and they need our help

UW-Green Bay has been one of the longest-running regional sites for the WSMA State Festival (the annual “solo and ensemble” festival so familiar to music parents). On Saturday, May 1, we continue that tradition as approximately 4,000 area high school and middle school students — accompanied by their band and choir directors, parents and families — perform throughout the day in almost every building on campus. This year, organizers are looking for faculty/staff volunteers. It is an excellent opportunity to showcase our campus and to welcome potential students to UW-Green Bay.  The Student Services Welcoming Center (SS 1100) is the headquarters to enter ratings for each entry and gather results. Info tables across campus are staffed to help people locate listed “event sites.” We need volunteers to assist at the information tables and to simply be available to answer questions and give directions. If you are interested in volunteering a few hours or have more questions about the WSMA State Festival, please contact Linda Parins, parinsl@uwgb.edu or 465-2944


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