WFRV features Cofrin Library’s Edible Books Festival

As we told you yesterday, the Cofrin Library’s first-ever Edible Books Festival was a great (and delicious) success — and at least one local TV station couldn’t resist getting in on the fun. WFRV, Channel 5, carried a short segment about the event, which was held as part of the library’s fortieth anniversary celebration. The station also had a more personal angle for the story — reporter Brett Lemoine took home top honors in the “Punniest” category for his entry “The Girl With Spaghetti Ragu” (yep, a play on the ever-popular “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”). You can check out the story, along with a hunger-inducing photo gallery, by clicking the links below. We’ll bring you our own delicious recap with our next edition.
WFRV, Channel 5 / photo gallery

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