Free webinar Feb. 6 on ‘Faculty Role Definition, Workload and Reward’

All are invited to attend a free webinar this Wednesday (Feb. 6) from 1 to 2 p.m. in MAC Hall Room 137. UW-Green Bay’s Office of Grants and Research is sponsoring campus participation in the webinar, in which scholars Nancy Hensel and Elizabeth Paul will discuss the issues covered in their new publication Faculty Support and Undergraduate Research: Innovation in Faculty Role Definition, Workload, and Reward.

UW-Green Bay, along with many colleges and universities across the nation, embraces undergraduate research as a powerful learning pedagogy across all disciplines. Though many professors consider undergraduate research as a central part of their faculty role, finding time to work with student researchers is often a major concern. Even with administrative commitment to undergraduate research, institutions find it challenging to fund reassigned time for faculty or provide courses that support and encourage undergraduate research. And there is often significant controversy about whether and how faculty engagement in undergraduate research should be rewarded in reappointment, promotion, and tenure decisions but faculty and administrators have firsthand experience in observing the transformative power of undergraduate research. The authors in this book discuss many aspects of providing support for faculty who involve undergraduates in research. It is the editors’ hope that this book will provide inspiration and encouragement to administrators and faculty to design solutions to these challenges that can be integrated into campus practices and cultures.

To order the CUR (Council on Undergraduate Research) publication prior to the webinar, visit their website.

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