Reminder: Winter lot closures

The winter months and plowing are particularly hard on the parking lots. The resources devoted to clearing and maintaining these unused parking lots would be better used in parking lots that are being utilized or on the sidewalks and pathways that service them. This decision should increase the longevity of the lots and decrease the necessary routine summer maintenance.

Effective Jan 1, 2021 (or first snowfall of 2” or more) the following modifications will occur and remain in effect until April 1, 2021 (dependent on weather). If the lot is not noted below, it is unaffected and will operate as normal.

Baird Foundation Lot (BFL):
Lot will Close. Please use the Kress Events Center Lot on the North side of the building. The pathways leading from the BFL to Mary Ann Cofrin Hall in the prairie will also close.

Kress Events Center Visitor Lot:
Lot will Close.  Note, This is the small 20 stall parking lot to the south of the building, not the large lot on the north side. Please use the Kress Events Center Lot.

Turf Gym a/k/a LaForce Lot:
Lot will Close. This is small lot between the Kress Center’s Turf Gym and the Aldo Santaga soccer stadium.  A walking path to the Kress Center Lot through this lot will be cleared for individuals who have completed their COVID testing and are exiting the building.

Weidner Center for the Performing Arts:
Partial Closure:  The C and D Pods near the Shorewood Golf Course Entrance will be closed as well as the Valet lot near the main entrance will be closed.  The A and B pods, closest to the building will not be modified.  This entire lot will be maintained as necessary until the current regional COVID testing that is occurring has completed.

Wood Hall:
The western entrance as well as the western half of the Lot will close. This is the area furthest away from the building.  The east half will be opened as usual.


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