Grants in Aid of Research announced for 18 faculty members

The University of Wisconsin Green Bay Research Council provides grants to faculty through internal funding to enhance the ability of the University to realize its potential for distinction in research, creative, and scholarly activities in all fields of study.  Since 1994, the Grants in Aid of Research program has awarded more than $305,000 to faculty. The most recent recipients, 18 in all, receiving support coordinated through the Office of the Provost, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Grants and Research Office are:

•  Assistant Prof. Tohoro Akakpo, Social Work
•  Lecturer Ingrid Bego, Democracy and Justice Studies
•  Assistant Prof. Dallas Blaney, Public and Environmental Affairs
•  Prof. Derryl Block, Nursing
•  Associate Prof. Kristy Deetz, Arts and Visual Design
•  Associate Prof. Michael Draney, Natural and Applied Sciences

•  Assistant Prof. Jenell Holstead, Human Development
•  Associate Prof. Warren Johnson, Human Biology
•  Assistant Prof. Minkyu Lee, Arts and Visual Design
•  Assistant Prof. Young Jin Lee, Business Administration
•  Associate Prof. John Luczaj, Natural and Applied Sciences
•  Associate Prof. Ryan Martin, Human Development

•  Assistant Prof. Michelle McQuade Dewhirst, Arts and Visual Design
•  Associate Prof. Jennifer Mokren, Arts and Visual Design
•  Associate Prof. Steven Muzatko, Business Administration
•  Assistant Prof. Sampath Ranganathan, Business Administration
•  Associate Prof. Brian Sutton of the Writing Center
•  Assistant Prof. Jennifer Zapf, Human Development

The members of the Research Council congratulate all those receiving awards.

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