WiSys grant competition has Dec. 13 ‘intent’ deadline at UW-Green Bay

It’s called the Applied Research: WiSys Technology Advancement Grant — or AR-WiTAG, for short (sort of) — and it’s a significant competitive grant program open to UW System researchers at the non-doctoral campuses. UW-Green Bay faculty and staff members interested in applying are reminded that the UW System and WiSys deadlines do not apply. UWGB applicants must adhere to the following:
• An “Intent to Submit” email is required no later than Friday, Dec. 13;
• Email Intent to Submit to grants@wisys.org, pmakurat@uwsa.edu, and afgp@uwsa.edu;
• You must cc Dan McCollum of the Provost’s Office at mccollud@uwgb.edu.

For further details and background on WiTAG, you may visit http://www.wisys.org/grants/index.jsp?cid=17

General information regarding UW System Grants can be accessed at http://blog.uwgb.edu/asstvc/uw-system-grants/

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