Help UW-Green Bay’s Women of Color group with cookie support

The campus Women of Color organization is doing its first-ever cookie in a jar fundraiser. What are cookies in a jar? Simply put, you get the deconstructed cookies (ingredients) in a jar, follow the instructions given to mix and bake them, and ta-da! You have cookies. They also make great gifts to give during the Holidays. Women of Color has three cookie options, as well as two hot chocolate options:

M&M Holiday Cookies ($6) are a different, more festive take on your normal chocolate chip cookies. Their colors make these cookies pop and the M&Ms enhance the flavor of the cookie!

Drop Sugar Cookies ($6) are one of the humblest cookies, but they are surely not forgotten. They also come with fun colored sprinkles, and you can add different flavors for a different kick.

Snickerdoodles ($6) are a fun Holiday treat that nobody can resist. This cookie stands out with its special cake-like consistency that somehow make these better than just the run of the mill cookie.

Homemade Hot Chocolate ($3) is a delicious treat that comes in an adorable bag and a mini candy cane. It’s great to enjoy by yourself or share it with your friends and family!

Order forms are available in the AIC and are due Wednesday, December 3, and jars will be ready for pick-up in the American Intercultural Center Monday, December 8.


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