Teachers contribute to the growth of college credit in high school enrollment

Jodi Resch-Brownell
Jodi Resch-Brownell, teacher at Crandon High School

As the university reaches a new milestone of providing education to more than 10,300 students, a particular area that contributes to this growth is high school student enrollment through programs like Rising Phoenix and College Credit in High School (CCIHS). This fall, there are more than 3,000 high school students enrolled in CCIHS courses. CCIHS courses are taught by high school teachers in Wisconsin high schools with advanced degrees or qualifications that are approved by UW-Green Bay faculty.

A critical piece to the CCIHS program are the high school teachers. They are exemplary instructors, dedicated to their students’ success in dual enrollment. A great example is Spanish 202 teacher Jodi Resch-Brownell at Crandon High School. Jodi was recently selected as the 2023 Rural Teacher of the Year by the Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance at their annual conference in Wisconsin Dells. Resch-Brownell has been teaching Spanish at Crandon High School for 28 years. She says she enjoys giving students a global perspective while learning.

Resch-Brownell was also a recipient of a Fulbright Teacher Grant (2022), and she spent some time in France learning about the French educational system. She has extensive international experience and is a world traveler. UW-Green Bay Professor Cristina Ortiz, who serves as a CCIHS faculty liaison, describes Jodi as a “star teacher” and a great colleague. “Jodi is permanently curious and ready to implement new teaching strategies in the classroom. She is a joy to work with,” Ortiz remarks. According to Crystal Williams, UW-Green Bay Dual Enrollment Specialist, “Jodi is always ready to share best practices with the rest of the World Languages teachers at our annual workshop.”

High school teachers like Jodi Resch-Brownell are key to the success and expansion of high school student enrollment, so it’s important to recognize their devotion and accomplishments.

Dual enrollment programs, including CCIHS, offered by the Division of Student Access and Success at UW-Green Bay.

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