Reminder: University closing Friday for ‘furlough day’

UW-Green Bay will be closed for general business activities Friday (Nov. 26), the first of four campuswide furlough days identified by the University in response to state-ordered budget cuts. All state employees including those at UW-Green Bay are required to take as many as eight furlough days annually and to accept a corresponding 3 percent reduction in earnings. University officials identified four low-traffic dates when the campus will close and all employees (except critical staff) will be off work without pay.

Those dates are:

* Nov. 26, 2010

* Dec. 27, 2010

* Jan. 14, 2011

* May 27

, 2011

Not a ghost town, however

While the UW-Green Bay campus will be closed for general business activities on Nov. 26, the campus won’t quite be a ghost town. For example, there will still be some students staying in campus housing. Also, the Prevea Classic Breast Cancer Awareness Basketball Tournament, a six-team, two-day, boy’s and girl’s high school basketball tournament, will be held Nov. 26 and 27 at the Kress Events Center. A few University services will reopen Saturday, Nov. 27, with normal holiday weekend hours resuming for such campuswide resources as the Cofrin Library.

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