For sale via surplus: Power Mac G5s

Linda Dupuis, director of Institutional Support including our purchasing functions, expects a lot of interest on this. She shares the following announcement:

“UW-Green Bay is selling 10 surplus Power Mac G5s. Because of the limited number, they are all being sold through an online auction website (S.W.A.P.). The Macs are located toward the bottom of the UW-Green Bay page, and some of them have differing specs so be sure to read the descriptions. We will be receiving 15-20 iMac G5s in the near future which will also be sold through the online auction so check out our website regularly. The last of the surplus laptops are also currently listed on the page, as well as a number of Gateway desktops available for purchase.

Please refer to this website for the details to UW-Green Bay’s auction listings. Click on On-Line Surplus Sales, then select UW-Green Bay.

For more information or if you have questions, email or call Colby or Al in Receiving at 920.465.2215.”

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