Honoring all who serve, UW-Green Bay hosts Veterans Week of events

Veterans are honored at the 18th Annual Chancellor's Veterans Reception at the STEM Innovation Center. Photo by Dan Moore, University Photographer

The Veteran Services department at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay will hold a full week of events for active duty, reservists, veterans, and the spouses and children of veterans to honor their service and commitment to education.

The week started with the dignified and solemn ‘Veteran POW/MIA table” ceremony to honor and recognize the sacrifices of those Americans who have been prisoners of war and to remind the Nation of those who are still missing in action. Veterans brunch was held Tuesday on the UW-Green Bay campus and on Wednesday, ROTC Cadets, along with UW-Green Bay and ROTC Leadership, took their turn rappeling from the rafters of the Kress Event Center basketball court.

On Friday, Chancellor Michael Alexander and Veteran Services Coordinator Nicole Stockman take the opportunity to recognize current students who are active duty, reserves, Veterans or the spouse or child of a Veteran. New incoming students under military benefit, those graduating, scholarship recipients and the donors who made those scholarships possible were also recognized at the event.

“I would like to express my appreciation for the truly commendable courage and dedication that our Veterans, Active Duty, Drilling and the spouse’s and children of those that served, give to UW-Green Bay,” said Stockman. “Thank you for serving our country and protecting our freedoms. Today and every day I am grateful for your sacrifices.”

UW-Green Bay Veteran’s Services is here to help veterans and their families thrive at college and get the benefits gained from service. About 1300 veterans and dependents of veterans receive education benefits at UW-Green Bay each year. Of this number, 277 are military veterans or current service members and 933 students are the spouse or child of a Veteran. Some of these students are on active duty one week, and in the classroom the next. This is just one reason the transition from military service to the community can be very unsettling. UW-Green Bay’s Veteran’s Services is here to help.

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