Thirteen named to new Planning and Innovation Council

Announced several weeks ago in an all-campus email and repeated here for the record: Chancellor Gary L. Miller has established the University Planning and Innovation Council at UW-Green Bay. The UPIC replaces the University Budget Council and assumes a broader array of planning responsibilities. “This new long-term, transparent university planning process will give us a platform for making the difficult choices we have before us,” Miller said. Nominations for the UPIC were sent forward through the University Committee.  The inaugural committee consists of:

John Katers (Faculty; 4-year term)
Susan Gallagher-Lepak (Faculty; 4-year term)
Regan Gurung (Faculty; 2-year term)
Christopher Martin (Faculty; 2-year term)
Brent Blahnik (Academic Staff; 4-year term)
Katrina Hrivnak (Academic Staff; 2-year term)
Sousie Lee (University Staff; 4-year term)
Tracy Van Erem (University Staff; 2-year term)
Vanya Koepke (Student; 1-year term)
Sue Mattison, Dean (1-year term)
Athletics Director — Mary Ellen Gillespie
Vice Chancellor — Kelly Franz, co-chair
Provost — Stephen Fritz, co-chair

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