Campus Roundtable for Nov. 9 is cancelled

The Nov. 9 event has been cancelled:

Three campus Roundtable Discussion events will take place in November that focus on safety and inclusive campus experience. You are invited to attend the one that correlates to your work location or campus enrollment. Individuals in more than one location can participate in each of their locations so the answers are tabulated for the correct location. Your answers in this participation are collected by notetakers and submitted collectively so the answers are anonymous.

The first discussion is Monday, Nov. 9 from noon to 1 p.m. on this TEAMS link. This invitation is for Green Bay campus employees, and for the students from the four campuses of Green Bay, Manitowoc, Marinette and Sheboygan.

Marinette employees will have 30 minutes to complete their roundtable Tuesday, Nov. 10, as a part of their campus-wide collegium meeting. Manitowoc and Sheboygan employees will participate in the roundtable on Tuesday, Nov. 17, from noon-1p. m., during the Student Services meeting.

Please review the following information to further understand the goal of these events:

The Four Campus Annual Roundtable Discussion is being offered online this year! During this one hour Q & A discussion event on Microsoft Teams on Monday, Nov. 9, you will be randomly assigned to a breakout room in which you will answer two questions. One person in each room needs to type notes from the discussion and send them right after the event is complete to so immediate action can be made for change.

The questions will be answered within this structure:

  1. Each group needs someone to type notes and email them to
  2. Please read the questions out loud before answering to ensure better understanding
  3. Focus on both positive experiences and need for change-complaining limits constructive discussion
  4. Respect each participant for where they are in their understanding of inclusive vocabulary and their perspective if it differs from yours
  5. Each participant needs time to speak their thoughts-please make sure people have spoken at least once before someone speaks again
  6. Each participant can pass on speaking when it is their turn
  7. NOTE: the Green Bay Chancellor, Provost, Vice-Chancellor’s and Council membership will not attend, but a summary of the anonymous answers will be provided to each of them

During the Roundtable events, please take 30 minutes to answer each of the two segments of questions:

  1. What are your experiences with safety on campus and how can we increase your safety? Please share both positive experiences and need for change.
  1. What are your experiences with feeling included on campus and how can we increase an inclusive environment for you? Please share both positive experiences and need for change.


If you have questions about this event, please contact Stacie Christian, Ph.D., Director of Inclusive Excellence and Pride Center at Thank you!

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