Last chance for Laffle donations to help children

The UW-Green Bay Registrar’s Office is issuing a last-chance reminder to donate items and be eligible for the “Laffle” drawing early next week. On Friday (Oct. 29) it will be the final go-around for the collection crew — let’s fill their shopping cart with donations!  The “Pair and a Spare” charity drive asks people to remember that social workers in the Green Bay public schools report many disadvantaged children are doing without. Drive organizers are looking for packaged socks, underwear, plain t-shirts, tennis shoes (inexpensive ones for gym class), shorts for gym class, mittens, hats, deodorant, and combs/brushes, etc.  This is a K-12 effort, so just about any size or color will work.  You can drop off your donation at the Registrar’s Office, or have the cart crew pick it up. Call Eileen Kolb at ext. 2126 if you have questions.

There’s a $60 flower-shop gift certificate, a handsome homemade rug hooking and a Door County gift package. There’s also a cheesy souvenir Elvis license plate and an authentic UW-Milwaukee license plate holder.  If you donate to the Pair and a Spare drive, you win a chance on the fun prize drawing, which will take place at noon Monday (Nov. 1) in the Student Services break room. If you’re present, you pick your own prize (Door County package?). If not, the crowd picks it for you (UWM license-plate holder?) Join us for the fun and fellowship as we wrap up this fall’s campuswide collection.

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