‘We’re All In’—Call for evaluators and potential resume building experience for students

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. with the help of the Wisconsin Technology Council is in need of students lending their time and expertise to serve as a judge for the “We’re All Innovating” contest. Judging the competition will be a resume builder and a great opportunity to help Wisconsin-based small businesses that have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with innovative solutions aimed at reducing impacts on human health, business viability, and general operations.

Judges will include a variety of professionals who may have experience in owning, managing, or consulting with small businesses, as well as investors, experienced entrepreneurs, and other professionals interested in promoting the success of small businesses that will define Wisconsin’s economic future.

If you would like to participate as a judge in the 2020 “We’re All Innovating” contest:

• Please confirm your interest by emailing julie@wisconsintechnologycouncil.com by noon on Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020.
• Please let us know which of our three innovation categories you would prefer to judge: Health impacts, business impacts, operational impacts. Based on need, we might assign you to a category other than your top pick.
• You may be asked to judge entries within all business size categories: 5 or fewer employees; 6 to 20 employees; and 21 to 50 employees.
• We will follow up with a link to your “We’re All In” judging account after you are approved. The judging process will begin in late October.

Find more about judging, here.

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