2024 Instructional Development Institute with keynote speaker Professor Kevin Gannon

The UW-Green Bay Center for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning (CATL) is pleased to announce Professor Kevin Gannon will be the keynote speaker for the January 9, 2024, Instructional Development Institute (IDI) on the theme of “Thriving in Higher Education.” Prof. Gannon contributes semi-regularly as a writer for The Chronicle of Higher Education. He is also the author of the book “Radical Hope: A Teaching Manifesto,” which was one of the featured texts for the 2020 Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars Program Community of Practice. Along with his keynote address on the conference topic, Prof. Gannon will lead two workshops, one focused on sustainable online teaching practices and the other centered on fostering belonging in both virtual and face-to-face learning environments. In addition to this exciting keynote announcement, CATL invites UWGB faculty and staff to participate in the virtual conference by submitting an individual or group session proposal related to the conference theme. The IDI offers a valuable opportunity for all members of our campus community – instructors, advisors, librarians, administrators, counselors, and more – to explore educational practices and address pedagogical challenges through engaging presentations and workshops. This year’s conference theme, “Thriving in Higher Education,” was chosen in May 2023 with the intent of encouraging and exploring what it looks like to transition from a survival-focused mindset, influenced by a multitude of external challenges, to one grounded in genuine growth. To read the full call and submit a session proposal, please visit the CATL blog. The application deadline is Monday, November 6, 2023. For inquiries about the application process or the conference, please contact CATL at CATL@uwgb.edu.