Reminder, Winter and Fall Break office hours

Reminders: With the academic fall and winter breaks fast approaching, members of the campus community must remain diligent about protecting themselves from COVID-19 infection while away from campus. Large gatherings and travel are customs of the season for many individuals and families. For the protection of both yourself and others, please remember to follow COVID-19 Safety Practices while engaging in these activities. The following information is provided to assist employees with their planning for the upcoming months.

Office Hours and University Operations: Winter Break

Chancellor Alexander has determined that commencing Monday, December 28, 2020, all offices which are able may move to fully remote operations through January 25, 2020. This adjustment should allow for Facilities to implement cleaning and sanitation of all campus buildings and de-densify campus buildings for increased safety. Employees should consult with their supervisors regarding the staffing plan for this period. Campus buildings will still be generally accessible during this time to faculty and staff, and specific information about accessing individual campus buildings will be determined and posted prior to December 24, 2020.

All employees have had to adjust to exceptional times and as our University statistics show, we have exceeded all expectations in maintaining a safe environment for students, faculty and staff. The University continues to receive praise directly from students, parents, and UW System for how well we have done in managing the COVID-19 Crisis. This success has not come without the extraordinary efforts of every employee of UW-Green Bay. It is understood that many employees have been under incredible stress and have had to forgo vacation or other time off to facilitate the operational plan.   

With this understanding, the Chancellor has determined that for the dates of December 28, 29 and 30th, all offices may choose to close upon approval from their Area Leader consistent with the UW Green Bay Office Hours and Institutional Closing Policy. Individual employees may still elect to work on a day in which their office has been closed under this policy. Employees who elect not to work on the date of an office closure under this policy will be required to take paid leave time if their employment classification provides leave. Employees of essential operational areas should work with their supervisors regarding the scheduling of these areas. It is hoped that this small respite will allow employees to recharge for entry into 2021. 

All-Campus Furlough Day: Friday, November 27, 2020

The University has issued an Institution-Wide Furlough for Friday, November 27, 2020.  All ongoing employees not explicitly exempted from workforce-wide furloughs will be assigned to furlough on that day. In consultation with their supervisor, employees with an exemption from this furlough date may either work remotely (if possible based upon their job responsibilities) or use leave time for that date. Employees in essential operational areas should consult with their supervisors on the scheduling for these areas.

A reminder that all faculty and staff returning to work at the Green Bay Campus are welcomed and encouraged to use the Prevea App to schedule an antigen test on Monday, Nov. 30. Faculty and staff who work on the Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan Campuses should use extreme caution in returning and test with their healthcare provider if they deem necessary to protect their own campus communities. Students returning to the Green Bay Campus will be asked to stop at the Kress Center for testing upon their return from break on Sunday, Nov. 29 and Monday, Nov. 30.

Reminders – Large Gatherings and Events:

Even when gathering with family members, if you are unaware of their COVID-19 exposure, it is critically important that you follow the 3 W’s; Wear your mask / Wash your hands / Watch your distance. If you are attending any group event with individuals from outside your home, you should use face coverings and practice social distancing. Ask yourself whether the activity would place yourself, and subsequently your colleagues and students, at risk of infection. If you are at a large-group activity or event where social distancing is not possible, you do not use face coverings, or are unable to confirm that others in that activity are not infected, you must remain away from University buildings for 14 days from the date of that event.  Please review the CDC Event Planning Guidelines to review whether the you should quarantine from campus. You are encouraged to be conservative in regards to applying this practice, and should work with your supervisor to discuss workplace expectations and the potential for flexible work options. If you have further questions about attending events, please contact Human Resources at .

Reminders – Personal Travel:

Prior to any personal travel, you should first review the CDC Travel Guidelines to ensure that the method of travel appropriately protects you from COVID-19 infection. Air travel and other mass transportation continues to dramatically increase your risk of exposure and infection. If you decide to travel, you should make sure that you follow all CDC Travel GuidelinesIn the event that during the trip you were required to remain in close contact (less than six feet) with unknown individuals for periods of time beyond 15 minutes (i.e. airline or other mass transit; lodging in hotels or residence, etc.) in which these guidelines were not required or followed, you will need to remain away from the University for a period of 14 days

Intrastate and interstate travel to private points specific (e.g. to see family members) which is done using private transportation and where lodging occurs at a private residence shall not restrict presence on campus, subject to confirmation that the individual did not have contact with any individual who they know to be COVID-19 infected. Please exercise caution when reviewing your travel plans, and if you have any reason to believe that you may have a risk of exposure or infection to COVID-19, quarantine from the University for 14 days. If possible, work with your supervisor prior to the trip to discuss whether proactive quarantine from campus upon your return is possible. If you have further questions related to travel, please contact Human Resources at .

As a reminder, the University requests that all faculty and staff who become infected, suspected, or exposed-close contact self-report utilizing the COVID-19 Case Report to the Office of COVID-19 Response. In addition, if any employee of the University receives a first-hand report of someone who is infected, suspected or exposed-close contact, they should be referred immediately to the Office of COVID-19 Response and the recipient of the report should complete the COVID-19 Case Report.

The sincere hope is that everyone is able to have a safe and restful season. By following the above safety measures, you can be reassured that you have done everything you can to be able to return to the University safely.

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