Faculty and Staff Campaign hits new record… 68 percent!

The final numbers are in and the 2010-11 UW-Green Bay Faculty & Staff Campaign ended with an amazing 68 percent participation rate. This figure is 6 percent higher than last year, surpasses Chancellor Harden’s goal this year of 67 percent, and easily sets the record for the highest participation mark in the 16 years of the Campaign. To see the Big Thermometer, and to check on where your Team finished, visit the campaign website.

Six teams hit 100 percent, and great work by co-chairs and captains
Congratulations to Team Outreach, Team Athletics, Team Business & Finance IV, Team Business and Finance V, Team 8th Floor and Team IS Green for achieving 100 percent participation in their areas. Special thanks go out to the Campaign Co-Chairs and Team Captains for all of their efforts in making this year’s Campaign such a success. The co-chairs for the campaign were Prof. Scott Ashmann, Joe Schoenebeck and Paula Ganyard. Team captains included Jeanne Stangel, Eric Craver, Mark Kiehn, Judy Martin, Michael Knight, Ellen Rosewall, Tom Nesslein, Cristina Ortiz, Regan Gurung, Mike Zorn, Shane Kohl, Brenda Amenson-Hill, Mike Stearney, Randy Christopherson, Paul Pinkston, Pam Kohlmeyer, Mike Van Lanen, Jason Willard, Laura Gonnering, Wayne Walker, Brock Neverman, SuAnn Detampel, Christine Nielsen, Jeff Brunner, Bridget Bishop, Gary Huebner and Kevin Boerschinger.

Fun with numbers
Shane Kohl, director of development, provides some interesting facts and figures related to the 2010 Faculty and Staff Campaign:
* 100% – Limited staff members on campus who contributed (compared to 94% in ’09-10)
* 74% – Academic Staff members on campus who contributed (compared to 74% in 09-10)
* 60% – Classified Staff members on campus who contributed (compared to 59% in 09-10)
* 60% – Faculty on campus who contributed (compared to 44% in 09-10)
* 80 – donors this year who did not contribute last year
* 91 – donors increasing their contribution from last year
* 75 – different funds gifts were designated to
* 334 – days until the 2011-12 UW-Green Bay Faculty/Staff Campaign kicks off!

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