Status update: Course alignments

For the past year, the Project Coastal Course Alignment Committee has been at work on two major tasks: 1) alignment of courses across all campuses, and 2) development of an Associate of Arts and Science (AAS) degree proposal for all campuses. An AAS proposal has been developed and is currently under review by Clif Ganyard, Project Coastal Director, and curriculum chairs on the branch campuses, and will ultimately move through a governance process.

Department chairs and associate deans have been reviewing and sorting courses in the following ways:

  • Courses that align in the Transfer Wizard but need course number or title adjustments, courses that have lectures/discussions/labs combined and may need to be split, or courses that do not match on the number of credits.
  • Courses that currently transfer to UW-Green Bay as electives and require decisions about how to offer the courses in the future.
  • Courses that are complicated (don’t align well) and need to be individually addressed.

Course decisions have been mostly completed and recommendations for course alignment are moving through the approval process. Questions about course alignment should be directed to UW-Green Bay department chairs and deans or curriculum chairs on the branch campuses.



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