Save the date: Creating a Great Place to Work in Ten Easy Steps

Kepro-WI is excited to invite you to participate in their upcoming session on Creating a Great Place to Work in Ten Easy Steps delivered by subject matter expert, Diane Pulleyblank, a sought-after professional with years of experience in this topic.

The session is being held November 9, 2022 at 10:00 am.

This seminar will teach participants a vision of the ten steps needed to create a great place to work; because who doesn’t want to come to work every day and love where they are and what they do? Participants will come out of this class with a clear vision of not only what a healthy work environment looks like but also how to create one in their workplace.

Diane Pulleyblank will give everyone the opportunity to engage directly, responding to all questions and comments in a manner which is appropriate for the session.

To register for this event, click HERE.

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