Save the Date: ‘Be Positive’ on October 19

Kepro-WI is excited to invite you to participate in our upcoming session on ‘Be Positive’ delivered by subject matter expert, Shannon Leslie, a sought-after professional with years of experience in this topic. Shannon Leslie will give you the opportunity to engage directly with all of your questions and comments will be responded to in a manner which is appropriate for this session. We are excited to bring you this session and are confident that you will find it well worth your time.

Session Description: Although not everyone believes in the power of positive thinking, it is a field that has been utilized by countries around the world, for centuries. Today, scientists understand why the attitudinal approach — positive versus negative energy, dramatically impacts us, as well as our relationships with others. In this class, we will discuss our ability to benefit from the power of positive thinking by making changes to our thought process and perspective.

Learn more about the topic and speaker, register to participate here.

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