Locally produced documentary about Alzheimer’s available for educational use

Determined Fighting Alzheimer‘s is a documentary produced locally and seen nationwide in Spring of April 2022 on PBS’ NOVA. It is available for use at no cost, through UW-Green Bay’s library.  In 2021, it won best documentary at the Green Bay Film Festival. It was filmed over 5 years in the verite’ style and takes the viewer into the lives of the protagonists.

Synopsis: Three women at high risk for Alzheimer’s disease offer their brains and bodies to a medical study. After the deaths of their mothers, these daughters are determined to contribute to the search for a cure. Meanwhile, they anxiously watch for signs of the disease in their own brains. The intimate access to all of their stories reminds viewers that Alzheimer’s is a disease battled on many fronts: in a laboratory, in a home, in a marriage, in a mind, and in one’s hopes and fears about the future.

Interested in viewing the movie or learning more? Please view additional resources here and contact the UW-Green Bay library with additional questions.

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