A Campaign (and Big Thermometer) update

As of Thursday afternoon, over 34 percent of eligible employees on campus had made a gift to the 2010-11 Faculty and Staff Campaign. That means we’re over halfway to our goal of 67 percent. It also means we have quite a ways to go. So, if you haven’t made your gift just yet, there is no time like the present.  Please feel free to visit www.uwgb.edu/giving/faculty-staff/ for more information.

Several teams approaching 100 percent
Seven of the 20 Faculty and Staff Campaign Teams have already reached or surpassed the 50 percent participation mark. Team Outreach, Team Business and Finance IV and Team Athletics continue to battle to see who will reach the top spot first. However, the LOG’s sources are hearing that the IS Green Team, Team Professional & Graduate Studies III and Team Business & Finance V are gaining ground fast. See how your team is doing.

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