Fire drills to take place this Wednesday (Sept. 26, 2018)

Fire drills will be conducted on Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018. If weather prevents the accomplishment of the drill, the backup date is Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018. The separate fire drills at will be performed at different times during the day in the Weidner Center, Kress Center, Facilities and the Community Center. All the academic buildings (to include the University Union) will be tested simultaneously. During the academic buildings fire drill we will also test our campus emergency notification systems to include GB Alert, NetNotify and the campus public address system. We will be using GB alert to notify you when it is OK to return to the academic buildings. Sign up for GB alert.

When the fire alarm sounds:

 1.   Immediately evacuate the building using the nearest available exit.  DO NOT USE ELEVATORS. Close doors and windows as your leave. Take your keys.
2.   If an exit is blocked during an actual emergency, use another exit. (To improve your emergency preparedness pre-plan alternate escape routes during your daily campus travels.)
3.   Evacuate to a distance of at least 100 feet from the building, so as not to interfere with responding emergency vehicles.
4.   Mobility impaired or people unable to exit using the stairs should enter an enclosed stairwell and close the door.
5.   If you are teaching a class at the time the fire alarm sounds, instruct students to evacuate the building to a minimum distance of 100 feet using the nearest fire exit. Recommend students bring personal belongings with them. Ensure all students in your class have evacuated classroom before exiting building.
6.   Do not re-enter the building, until an all clear announcement has been made. Cessation of the fire alarm does not indicate an “All Clear.”

GB ALERT – To signal the all clear, Public Safety will use GB Alert to let you know when it is ok to go back into the buildings.

Any questions or concerns please contact Officer David Jones, Emergency Management, ext. 2993 or

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