Free Popcorn Days for our hard-working faculty and staff

It’s a small but fun and welcome gesture from the popcorn-making folks over in the University Union toward their hard-working faculty and staff colleagues across campus. The Union’s Phoenix Club has volunteered to provide free popcorn at select times each month in appreciation of University employees. The Club is located on the lower level of the Union, and open pretty much all day on weekdays (9 a.m. to 11 p.m.) and on weekends from 11 to 11. You’ll need your official University ID. Most months, the offer will be good the third week of the month, unless otherwise noted.

The Free-Popcorn Schedule:

• September 20-26, 2010 •  October 18-24

 •  November 15-21

 •  December 13-19

•  January 24-30, 2011

 •  February 14-20

 •  March 21-27

 •  April 18-24

 •  May 9-15

Thanks, Union and Shorewood

The free-popcorn perk is offered in response to Quick Fix #97 and is a morale booster and fun thing co-sponsored by the Phoenix Club and Shorewood Golf Course through the provision of popcorn supplies and equipment.  “We look forward to seeing you over in the University Union and thank you for your continued efforts on behalf of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.”

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