Laffle 2: ‘A Pair and a Spare’ to assist children in poverty

It’s time for another campuswide charitable drive, but first some definitions. As we explained last year, a “Laffle” is a fun raffle. And “A Pair and a Spare” is the theme for this fall’s drive coordinated again by staff in the Registrar’s Office.

The idea is that as you do your own shopping for clothes and personal items this fall, you are reminded that social workers in the Green Bay public schools report many disadvantaged children are doing without. Drive organizers are looking for packaged socks, underwear, plain t-shirts, tennis shoes (inexpensive ones for gym class), shorts for gym class, mittens, hats, deodorant, and combs/brushes, etc.  This is a K-12 effort, so just about any size or color will work.

The raffle/laffle format will be the same as last year.  For each donated item a ticket will be awarded to the donor.  The stubs will be placed in the Laffle Box.  On the date of the drawing (TBA), you’ll be able to choose your prize, if present, or have the crowd choose it for you (scary). If individuals or groups would like to donate a prize they can either call ext. 2126 or drop it off at the Registrar’s Office (and receive a ticket for doing so). As for dropping off donated items for the children, Eileen Kolb says dropoffs are welcome but Registrar’s staff would also be willing to venture out for pickups if offices have multiple donations. Call ext. 2126 with questions.

UW-Green Bay alumnus is coordinating school distributions
Members of the University community contributing to the “A Spare and a Pair” drive should know that all items will be forwarded to school-based social workers in the Green Bay Area Public Schools. The social workers will be free to quietly distribute the clothing and supplies as they see fit to children in need, with no requisitions or paper work involved.  (The contact person for UW-Green Bay on the distribution end is an alumnus who holds bachelor’s and master’s in Social Work from this institution.)

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