Upward Bound is re-upped through 2017

This happened over the summer, but was heretofore un-noted in this space: UW-Green Bay has been notified by the U.S. Department of Education that funding for the Upward Bound program here was approved through 2017. The five-year grant award began earlier this month, on Sept. 1. Upward Bound will receive $321,054 for the 2012-2013 academic year and roughly $1.6 million for the five-year period. The renewed funding will allow the program to annually serve 77 first-generation, low-income disadvantaged students at Green Bay East, West and Preble high schools. It was especially good news that new grant provided an increase in funds to expand the program and serve an additional 12 students a year.

RCMS program, too

More recently, there was good news, too, with Department of Education notification that UW-Green Bay’s second Upward Bound program — the Regional Center for Math and Science — has also been re-funded. The funding for the math/science focused program is approved through 2018. The RCMS funding involves $308,858 for the 2012-2013 academic year and roughly $1.85 million for the six-year period through 2018. The renewal funding for this program was also increased to allow the program to annually serve 75 first-generation, low-income disadvantaged students from across the Upper Midwest, an increase of 10 students over last year’s participation.


UW-Green Bay has a long and proud history of helping underrepresented students from disadvantaged backgrounds prepare for, gain admission to, and succeed in higher education. The Upward Bound program has been continuously funded for 22 years, and the Regional Center for Mathematics and Science has been funded for 20 years. (No small feat. Schools can and do lose their authorization following periodic reviews.) Over two decades, the federal TRIO programs in place at UW-Green Bay have helped hundreds of high school students realize their goals of successfully pursuing a postsecondary education. Tutoring, advising, college visits, cultural events and six-week summer residential experiences on campus are among the services provided.

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