CATL hosting two development sessions

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning is hosting two faculty development sessions with Darby Lewes, a professor of English at Lycoming College, on Friday, Sept. 25 in Phoenix Room C. The sessions are “Armageddon 101/Literature for Linebackers” and “Portrait of the Student as a Young Wolf.” The “Armageddon 101” session is from 10-11:30 a.m. The “Portrait” session follows from 2-5 p.m.
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“Armageddon 101/Literature for Linebackers”
Ever had a class that went beautifully one semester and was a nightmare the next? Ever had a “problem” student” that no one else seemed to have “problems” with? Or a wonderful student whom everyone else thought was a troublemaker? Ever had a class turn sulky? Or sullen? Or downright mean? This extremely interactive session will examine what makes good classes turn to the Dark Side, and how to turn them back again. More importantly, it will offer strategies for avoiding disruption altogether. This mock “Intro to Lit” class — along with a running commentary explaining what Darby is doing and why — is the basis of the presentation. It demonstrates how in-your-face teaching can be highly effective when used in a safe, nurturing environment —how immediate reward (and the competition for that reward) can be used as motivation; how even unwilling students can be drawn into sophisticated analysis if the subject covered directly relates to their own concerns; and how ingrained resistance can be overcome by pure positive reinforcement.

“Portrait of the Student as a Young Wolf”
Using a highly trained Service Dog, Darby Lewes’ highly irreverent, completely interactive, and frequently unpredictable session is designed to help any teacher looking to develop students’ enthusiasm, abilities, and confidence, and as an aid for anyone who is responsible for groups and teams. The session invites participants to cheer, boo, race one another and a dog, compete for medals and handsome silver trophies, proudly wear ridiculous hats, and learn subversive ways to motivate their students.

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