Perkins’s WC Gallery announces Smith talk for ‘Boy Trouble’ opening

The WC Gallery announces its new exhibit, “Boy Trouble: An all-girl show,” featuring  works by 39 women addressing a wide variety of topics. The opening reception is Saturday, Sept. 8, beginning at 7 p.m., with a curator’s talk at 8 p.m. and remarks by Prof. Chris Smith offering an update on what some describe as the “war on women.”

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Never heard of the WC Gallery?
It’s billed as the smallest art gallery in Wisconsin, maybe even the Midwest. It’s actually the bathroom (or “Water Closet,” as the Brits say) in the home of curator of art Stephen Perkins at 908 Talbot Ave., De Pere. On exhibit opening nights and by appointment, they throw open the door to the general public, free of charge. To learn more about this fascinating space, Google “WC Gallery, De Pere” or visit the 10-year exhibition archive at

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