Buses will arrive a little earlier, thanks to route change

Green Bay Metro has adjusted the route of the No. 7 (Lime Line) bus so that it will arrive a little earlier at the Circle Entrance in front of the UW-Green Bay Cofrin Library. Effective today, during workday hours, buses will now pull up to their first campus stop at about 10 and 40 minutes after the hour. (That’s up to five minutes earlier than the old schedule.) Green Bay Metro shortened the route to campus by having our bus leave the Transit Center and head straight down University Avenue instead of making the Webster-Walnut-East High-Baird-Main-Morrow-Elizabeth swing. This change makes time available for an additional stop — at the new Veterans Administration Clinic — on the return trip.

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Swipe your ID card, ride at no additional cost: It’s called U-Pass. The University and its students provide a modest annual subsidy to Green Bay Metro in exchange for free rides (more accurately: no-additional-cost rides) for UW-Green Bay students, faculty and staff. Be green, be thrifty, and give it a try.

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