Reminder: Prof. Meinhardt to present on ‘The Complex Mosaic of Human Sexes’

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Dan Meinhardt (Human Biology, Women’s and Gender Studies, Art) will present “The Complex Mosaic of Human Sexes” at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 5 at the Neville Public Museum. This talk is part of the “please Ceck a Box” series of events organized around UW-Green Bay’s Lawton Gallery Art Exhibit (Sept. 7 through Oct. 5). More about Meinhardt’s talk: “Oh, you had a baby. What is it?” is often the first question asked… and most think it’s a simple question with one of two simple answers, but the reality of human sexual categorization is much more interesting. Meinhardt explores the complex mosaic of human sexual anatomy, including variation that causes individuals’ sexual anatomy to change from female to male at puberty. More information is available on the Facebook page of Positive Voice (Northeast Wisconsin’s largest LGBTQ support and outreach organization).