University Staff names committee members

The membership for the 2017-18 University Staff Shared Governance Committees has been determined:

University Staff Committee: Julie Flenz (Human Resources Liaison), Holly Keener, Fred Kennerhed, Monika Pynaker, Jan Snyder (Chair), Teri Ternes (Secretary), Tracy Van Erem (Treasurer) and Amanda Wildenberg (Vice Chair).

Election Committee: Holly Keener (Chair), Ron Kottnitz and Anna Maier.

Personnel Committee: Brenda Beck, Jayne Kluge, Christine Olson (Human Resources Liaison), Kathy Reissmann, Helene Rosner (Chair) and TBD.

Professional Development Committee: Julie Flenz, Kim Mezger, Sarah Pratt, Teri Ternes (Chair) and Crystal Williams.

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