Reminder: Campus road construction through Sept. 15

Asphalt is scheduled to be replaced on Main Entrance Drive and Laboratory Sciences Drive starting August 23. The work should be completed by September 15. Construction signage and markers will be placed along the road. Timeline:

-August 21 – 22:  Road construction signs placed for notification.
-August 23 – 31:  Removing asphalt surface, preparing binder course, and concrete work.
-September 5 – 12:  Paving surface of roadways.
-September 13 – 15: Striping roads and restoration.

The Main Entrance Drive will have the inbound, north lane replaced and is closed to traffic. The inbound, south lane was replaced last summer and is open to all vehicular traffic. For people that turn onto North Circle Drive, you would be better off to travel down Main Entrance Drive and drive past Theatre Hall.

The Laboratory Sciences Drive work will involve replacing the inbound lane from South Circle Drive. This lane will be closed to all traffic. You will need to access Laboratory Sciences parking lot from the eastern section of the road in front of Facilities Management. Laboratory Sciences Drive, in front the Laborartory Sciences building, will only be open for one direction of travel (west to east). The section in front of Facilities Management will be open to both directions of travel. Please do not try to travel against traffic.

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