Inviting Chancellor Miller to participate, or speak, at your event?

The Office of the Chancellor coordinates the participation of UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller in community and universitywide special events. To aid in this process and to facilitate the scheduling of multiple events on a given day, staff members have launched a new and more systematic way of responding to these invitations, online. Those making a request will be asked to complete a form providing relatively detailed information regarding the type of event, projected attendance, an outline of the formal program if any, and expectations of Chancellor Miller. You can access this new “Events Planning” page at

Please note: Website form is for special events, only

Chancellor Miller and his wife, Georgia, expect to attend a variety of UW-Green Bay performing arts events, lectures and symposia, gallery exhibits, student activities, cultural offerings and sporting events over the course of the year. If these events are periodic or recurring, public in nature, publicized in advance and posted to the appropriate public calendars and schedules by the start of each semester, the Office of the Chancellor will automatically list these opportunities on the chancellor’s master calendar. It is not necessary to submit a blanket or individual invitation to an entire season’s events. If, however, there is a game, concert or event among many that is likely to hold added significance, be accompanied by a special reception, attended by various dignitaries, or can be expected to draw notable campus and community attention — please submit an invitation using the online form (see previous item). In general, the form is meant to assist in the scheduling of events that would feature the Millers’ active participation as co-hosts, speakers or University representatives. Questions? Call Paula Marcec at ext. 2207 for clarification.

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