New 'Log Extra' makes debut

For its first 29 years of existence, the Log newsletter was a print piece, distributed once every other week or so. In 1999 the publication became an e-mailed digest, at first two or three times a week but now pretty much every day. In the dozen years of the online version, the basic format of short blocks of text with links to additional content has remained mostly unchanged.

Well, we’re tweaking things (just a little) on 8-11-11 with a new product: something called the Log Extra. It’s an HTML-formatted piece (photos included… in color!) that will be e-mailed to all UW-Green Bay faculty, staff and off-campus subscribers every other week during the semester. The emphasis will be on feature stories, videos and photo galleries as well as the week’s top headlines, a sampling of upcoming events, and “Campus Seen,” a glance at the off-beat and interesting. As the name indicates, the Log Extra will be a supplement to the daily, text-only Log.

The Log already has hundreds of off-campus subscribers; it’s expected the new, every-other-week feature piece might appeal to many others — say parents, alumni or community supporters — who want an occasional synopsis of campus highlights and feature stories but don’t necessarily need the everyday window into UW-Green Bay goings-on.