Directory updates — keep ’em comin’

A friendly reminder for campus offices to please return their department listings to Betsy Bassett-Piehl so they can be included in this year’s phone book. The sooner, the better to get your info in, but the drop-dead deadline will be Friday, Aug. 3. Contact Betsy at or ext. 2626 if you need a re-send on her query form. For individual listings, please verify your information in the Human Resources database, sending an email with any changes to Human Resources ( Please send your individual updates ASAP — and both individuals and offices are reminded you don’t need to wait for August to send your info. Keeping us updated year-round can make this process easier and more accurate for everyone. So send those changes as you have them, and thanks for helping us help you.

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Why a manually compiled print book in the digital age? Popular demand, for one. Many still prefer a paper directory. More important, the Departmental section of the book is the place to list names and contact info for specific functions or services that might not be easily “gleanable” from a database of individual job titles or an assortment of separate webpages. Finally, the Departmental section also includes not only official UW-Green Bay offices but those with strong ties but no state employees (DigiCopy, Credit Union, Mauthe Center and others).

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