Records disposal date secured – mark your calendars!

We have coordinated August 24, 2023, between 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. for departments to confidentially dispose of records that are past the retention period noted on a Record Schedule.  To take part in this process, please follow the confidential destruction process below:

1.Confirm Records Ready for Disposal

Records that may be destroyed include:

  • CONVENIENCE COPIES that are no longer needed by the department, or
  • OFFICIAL RECORDS (paper, email, electronic) past their retention period date, AND
  • The record has no pending record requests, audits, or lawsuits that would require retention, AND
  • The Record Schedule Retention is:  Destroy Confidentially.

2. Document Record Disposition.  Using a Confidential Disposal Form (CDF), document the records ready for disposal:  dates, approved record schedule number, description of records, retention period, retention disposal method, and if record is an Original or Copy.  You should use the updated Record Schedule List to quickly search for a record schedule (RDA) that matches your record description.

For an example of CDF entry that must match one of the Record Schedules for retention and disposal, please contact Records Management at 920-465-2781. 

3. Obtain Departmental Approval.  Obtain approval signature from your Department Supervisor and email this form back to Records Management at

Once the disposition has been confirmed, you will be sent a calendar appointment as a placeholder with directions to bring your records to the Mail Room Loading Dock on the assigned day for collection. 

4. Prepare Records for Disposal

Electronic Records:  If you are preparing disposal for electronic records, you may delete these records at this time (they will not be required to be disposed of in a box).  These records MUST be listed on the CDF Form.

Paper Records:   You do not need to remove staples or paper clips before placing records in boxes.  DO NOT purchase new boxes for this process as they will be destroyed.  Binders or hanging folders are not allowed and should be removed before placing in the disposal box.

5. Bring Records to the Mail Room Loading Dock on Scheduled Date 

On the designated date and time, take your records to the Lab Sciences Mail Room Delivery Dock. These will be disposed of for you. You must stay with your records until they are loaded onto the truck.

The Record Management Handbook is available as a reference tool, or contact Records Management at 920-465-2781 for questions.

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