Gilligan bids fond farewell

As the University’s dining contract begins the process of changing from Sodexo to A’viands, Kevin Gilligan, the general manager of University Dining Services’ Sodexo operation, passes this note along for the benefit of readers across campus:

“I just wanted to say a quick good bye to all that I have worked with over the last two years at UWGB. It has been an absolute pleasure working and learning on this beautiful campus. Whether it is the first “Gilligan’s Island” joke in the LOG before I even reached campus in 2007 or the emails I would get from people like Paula Marcec in the chancellor’s office and Shane Kohl in advancement making fun of the car I drive (2008 Ford Taurus — saying it is not the car a 30-year-old should be driving) I will think back on my time here and smile. My last official day on campus will be Monday the 20th and I will take over as Director of Operations at Marquette University on Tuesday the 21st. Thanks again and good luck in the future.”