Reminder: Public Safety to begin lockdown of low-use doors

Already distributed campuswide but repeated here for the record, UW-Green Bay Public Safety soon will begin locking down certain low-use exterior doors on campus. The department’s memo, sent last week, reads as follows:

During the next two weeks, Public Safety will begin locking down low-use exterior building doors at certain locations on campus. The change is designed to provide greater building security, maximize workload efficiency and enhance our ability to lock down campus in case of emergency. Because we are locking down low-use doors, we anticipate little, if any, inconvenience for members of the campus community. Still, there are a few things you should know:

• In most cases, at least one door in the bank of doors will be available for entry. You will still be able to exit through any door.
• Once the change has been made, the door — or bank of doors — on the right side will be open for use in most cases. There will be an “enter” sign on the open door, and the left-side door may have the handle removed.
• In the few locations where the “enter” sign will be on the left, this is due to door placement or the presence of handicap-accessible doors.
• We will be locking about 50 doors on campus, all of which are low-use. High-traffic areas, such as the University Union, will be unaffected.

Please call Public Safety at x2300 if you have questions or concerns. Thank you for your cooperation in making our campus a safer place.

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