University Committee announces resolution in appreciation of staff

The following resolution below was presented to the University Committee by Professor Heidi Sherman and approved electronically. The committee is confident that the sentiments expressed are shared by all UWGB faculty members.

Resolution of Appreciation for the Academic Staff and University Staff of UW-Green Bay

WHEREAS, UW-Green Bay, along with all educational institutions across the country, transitioned to online delivery of most of its services with little notice beginning on March 13th;

WHEREAS, this transition required long hours, expertise, and commitment to helping students from every UW-Green employee: both staff and faculty;

WHEREAS, to better guarantee the financial survival of UW-Green Bay into an uncertain fall and repay $1.4 million to the UW-System (as was asked in varying amounts of all UW-System institutions), university employees were asked to make financial sacrifices in May and June, and are being asked to continue this sacrifice for the remainder of the year;

WHEREAS, according to a state statute, faculty cannot take continuous furlough days, while Academic Staff and University Staff can;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the UW-Green Bay faculty are enormously appreciative of the commitment to students, and large financial sacrifices made by UWGB Academic Staff and University Staff during the COVID Spring and the rest of the COVID Year;

AND, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that faculty pledge to do their part in this effort by ensuring our instruction is of the highest possible quality and by ensuring our institution is as strong as possible moving forward.

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