Faculty invited to Sustainability Community of Practice

Instructors (tenured faculty, tenure-track faculty, lecturers, adjuncts, academic staff instructors, etc) are invited to participate in a Sustainability Community of Practice (SCoPe), which will provide support to incorporate a sustainability-emphasis into an existing course. This could be as simple as adding a unit that focuses on a major sustainability challenge or the application of sustainability within a discipline. Or it could mean infusing these focuses throughout the entire course.

Sustainability is growing in popularity and importance, plus, incorporating sustainability into a course could make it eligible to fulfill the sustainability perspective general education requirement – both of which could pique students’ interest in these revised courses. Faculty who complete the requirements for the SCoPe will receive a certificate for their personnel files and a $500 stipend. Priority will be granted to those in programs that don’t currently have a program/major-specific sustainability course offering and whose class reach is larger/longer.


  • Attend hybrid (F2F and virtual) 90 minute monthly meetings from September 2022 through May 2023 (skipping December). Meetings will be facilitated by Daniela Beall, sustainability coordinator, and will include a combination of group discussion, one-on-one consultations, presentations, and guest presentations.
    • Note: We will work to find a meeting time/day that works for all participants. We understand you may miss a meeting due to an inevitable scheduling conflict, in which case you will meet with one of the facilitators individually to review the content and discuss your course. Given the importance of community to this work, however, steady attendance is strongly encouraged.
  • Complete assigned asynchronous activities (reading, discussion board participation, videos, etc.) between monthly meetings and submit them in the designated timeframe.
  • Follow-up meetings with university resources (e.g. librarians, CATL’s instructional designers, technologists, etc)
  • Create a revised syllabus and activity(ies) for one class you regularly teach.
  • Create and record a short presentation about your revised course to share in our SCoPe portfolio to offer inspiration and ideas to other faculty.
  • Submit the final syllabus, activity, recorded presentation, and reflection materials by May 30, 2023.

Click this link to apply by September 1, 2022 to join the 2022-2023 cohort.

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