GBIT Tips & Tricks Vol. 2: Password Resets

This week, GBIT presents how to reset your password without needing to contact the Service Desk. Of course if you run into trouble, we’re always willing to help.

1. Navigate to our password reset page to start the reset process:

2. Password requirements: a. Password must be a minimum of 14 characters. b. Passwords must be a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. c. Must be changed every 180 days. d. Can’t be any of your last 24 passwords. e. Passwords should not exceed 49 characters. f. Cannot contain any personally identifiable information such as a user’s first or last name.

3. If you have any further questions or are running into issues with resetting your password, contact the GBIT Service desk at 920-465-2309 or visit our IS 1150 location. You can also visit our KB article here.

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