Patience requested with D2L outage

D2L (Desire2Learn) has been out of service since approximately 7:50 am today (Wednesday, June 18). The widely used online-learning software is instrumental to many summer courses, online and otherwise, being offered not only at UW-Green Bay but across the UW System. The outage is being blamed on lightning strikes from the heavy storms that hit Madison this morning, knocking out power to the statewide D2L servers. The battery back-ups also failed. Staff members in UW-Green Bay’s Office of Academic Technology Services say that, at this point, technicians and electricians in Madison are working hard to get everything back up and running, but the system remains down. The UW-Green Bay ATS staff thanks everyone for their patience. They’ll be in touch as developments warrant. You can also call them directly at (920) 465-2286.

UW-Madison, UW System Administration struggle with power problems

Downtown Madison escaped yesterday morning’s tornado that tore up parts of the city’s west side, but the latest round of storms this morning created a whole new set of problems. Lightning knocked out power to the “DoIT” server that hosts Systemwide applications including Desire 2 Learn (see above), Shared Financial System and the Human Resources System. UW-Madison’s website and email services are down and voice mail for UW-Madison and UW System Administration employees has been interrupted. This means the email and voicemail services for the UW Service Center are also down. Our UW System Administration sources speculate that some service could be restored tonight (Wednesday) but it is likely systems such as HRS and SFS will not be available until tomorrow (Thursday).

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