Resident peregrine falcon chicks banded– and in need of names!

Peregrine Falcons, an endangered species in Wisconsin, have been detected on the UW-Green Bay campus since 2011 (in recorded history) and have been successfully nesting almost annually on the UW-Green Bay David A. Cofrin Library since 2017. The birds utilize a nest box that was installed inside an air shaft on the library that has a layer of small pieces of gravel where the birds scrape in an indentation for laying their eggs. Watch the livestream. This season’s occupants, JoJo and Leopold, now share the box with three recently banded eyases, or peregrine falcon chicks.

Each year, master raptor bander Greg Septon (pictured below) visits the UW-Green Bay, Green Bay campus (as well as numerous other sites across Wisconsin) to band the fledgling chicks before they get too mobile. This year, the process occurred on Monday, June 5. See photos below.

Each year, the Peregrine Falcons receive names. This year, the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity invites the University Community to join in the process! Submit your name suggestions (in sets of three) as well as your rationale by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, June 13. The names suggestions will be reviewed by a committee and the top choices will be put to a vote beginning Thursday, June 15.

Editor’s note, 6/12/23: It is with sadness we share that we learned recently that one of the chicks did not make it. The cause of death is unknown. This is not unusual. We will move forward with naming all three chicks, with one name being recorded in memorium.

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