Research Council awards two dozen grants in aid of research

Each year the Office of the Provost provides funds for faculty research to help cover research expenses such as travel costs for faculty who are invited to present research papers at conferences, to participate in concerts or exhibitions, or to purchase materials and supplies for research projects. Those funds are supplemented by additional support from the deans of the College of Professional Studies and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The members of the UW-Green Bay Research Council met in April to select Grants in Aid of Research recipients. Twenty-five GIAR faculty grants were awarded for a total of $17,795, as follows:

Spring 2013 Grants in Aid of Research (GIAR) Grant Recipients
Kristy Deetz, Art and Design, “FABRICation.”
Kevin Fermanich, Natural and Applied Sciences, “Presenter and Session co-Chair: 56th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research.”
Adam Gaines, Music, “Jazz and Orchestral Performance in Slovakia.”
Alison Gates, Art and Design, “Continuance of Ongoing Scholarship.”
Jennifer Ham, Humanistic Studies, “Schooling Desire: Modern Pedagogies and Nation-Building in Germany.”
Hye-Kyung Kim, Humanistic Studies, “Korean Confucianism and Its Debate on Women.”
Minkyu Lee, Art and Design, “Research Data Collection from the National Council on the Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) 2013 Conference in Houston.”
J. Vincent Lowery, Humanistic Studies, “Hugh MacRae’s Progressive Plan for the Soldier Settlement Movement in Southeastern North Carolina.”
John Luczaj, Natural and Applied Sciences, “Trace Element and Isotope Chemistry of Late-Stage Calcite Minerals.”
Sarah Meredith, Music, “Invitation to teach/perform at International Music Festival, U. of Sao Paulo-Ribeirao Preto.”
Jennifer Mokren, Art and Design, “Bead Looms and Beads.”
Amanda Nelson, Human Biology, “Effects of Chronic Exercise Training on Glucocorticoid Levels and Neuroplasticity in Cardiorespiratory and Locomotor Centers of the Brain. Does a Dose-Response Relationship Exist?”
Gabriel Saxton-Ruiz, Humanistic Studies, “Pure Liminality: Discursive Ambiguities in Daniel Alarcon’s Lost City Radio.”
Courtney Sherman, Music, “American Musical Theatre Repertoire from 1943 to the Present.”
Christine Smith, Human Development, “National Women’s Studies Conference.”
Alison Stehlik, Art and Design, “All Purpose’ at Wriston Galleries.”
Jill White, Human Development, “Acquiring Arabic Dialect in Jordan.”
Amy Wolf, Natural and Applied Sciences, “Spatial and Temporal Structure of Breeding Bird Communities at the Wabikon Forest Dynamics Plot in Northern Wisconsin.”
Le Zu, Human Biology, “Iron Fortification in Baked Products.”
Gaurav Bansal, Business Administration, “Security Concerns in the Nomological Network of Trust and Personality (Big 5): First Order Vs. Second Order.”
Maria Aurora Cortes de Fulton, Education, “Looking at Present-day Mexican Rural Educational System to Reinforce Green Bay Elementary Schools Move toward Two-Way Bilingual Education.”
James Doering, Business Administration, “Circuit Court Conflict: Are Supplemental Unemployment Compensation Benefits (SUB payments) taxable wages under FICA?”
Steven Kimball, Education, “Accepted Presentation at the 16th Biennial Seminar on Water Resources and Environmental Management: Towards a sustainable future.”
Sampathkumar Ranganathan, Business Administration, “Study on Supply Chain Operations of Small Industries in India.”
Sara Schmitz, Human Biology, “The Effect of Human Patient Simulation Activities on the Clinical Competence of Dietetics Students at UW-Green Bay.”

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