No Blackboard credit card transactions May 19

Please note that because of updates there will be not Blackboard Credit Card transactions on May 19 except at Shorewood Golf Course and The Phoenix Bookstore. Pass and dining points can only be used at select locations. Please plan accordingly! What this means for you:

  • Dining Services (Garden Café & Coffeehouse) = cash, pass or dining points
  • University Ticketing & Info Desk and Phoenix Club = cash or pass points
  • Kress Events Center = cash, pass or dining points
  • Residence Hall Laundry = pass points
  • Health Services = cash or pass points
  • Shorewood = No Pass or Dining Points
  • Bookstore = No Pass Points
  • Vending = CASH ONLY
  • ID Card Office = Down for the day
  • JSA Transactions = Down for the day

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